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Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy (includes license)
Endorphin Powered Hypnotherapy (includes license)
01.Inner Ecstasy: The Natural Hypnosis Endorphin High
02.The Light of Joy Within
03.Relax, Feel Great & Sleep Soundly
04.The Wellness Extravaganza: Body, Mind & Spirit Healing
05.Body & Soul Restoration
06.Radiant Health & Happiness
Body & Soul Restoration
Body & Soul Restoration
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  • Take Back Control of Your Health
  • Reconnect to the Healing Source of Your Soul
  • Connect with Universal Healing Realms
  • Strengthen Your Faith and Courage
  • Release Negative Emotions
  • Become Your Own Healer, Spiritual Advisor, and Care-Giver
  • Achieve Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness

Enjoy the calming musical score that washes over you with helpful images, words, and healing suggestions. Body and Soul Restoration's messages and sounds comfortably embrace you and infuse you with love, strength, truth, and energy.

This inspired program was produced especially for those who have faced a long battle with illness and/or difficult pain conditions. It is designed to help you to reclaim your inherent ability to self-heal and to find peace in your mind. Body and Soul Restoration prompts you to tap into your own divinity, orchestrate your own healing, and dramatically affect your wellness. Body and Soul Restoration reminds you to practice what you know heals you and brings you peace.

This program fosters timely forgiveness and helps you release outdated emotions and detrimental thoughts and attachments. It helps you to let the light of love restore you to your purest and most energized self. You can let the light of love reactivate your strength, courage, talents, and, most importantly, your ability to experience unconditional love. As you listen to this program you experience gentle calming feelings of peace sweeping through your mind, heart, and spirit. The words and music go to work to help your heart glow with gladness and your mind to realize that you are a being of infinite abilities.

Body and Soul Restoration takes you on a helpful self-discovery tour to develop awareness of your past behavior and reactions so that you can use the realizations to heal, free, and empower yourself. It fosters feelings of gratitude and prompts your mind to feel harmonious helping you to soar into healthier, happier, and brighter realities. Body and Soul Restoration lovingly helps you to restore your body, mind, and spirit.

Running time 23 minutes. Please enjoy a sample from this program:

WARNING: Hypnosis programs are specifically created to prompt deep relaxation in your mind and body. These programs should not be listened to in an automobile or while engaged in any activity that requires your attention. To obtain the best results from your hypnosis program, download our FREE: Suggestions For Use. Instructions for downloading your MP3 hypnosis audios can be found by clicking the 'Downloads' link at the bottom of the page.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 December, 2008.
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