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Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis
Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis
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  • Prepare Your Mind and Body for Comfortable & Successful Surgery
  • Receive Your Pre- and Post-Surgical Interventions with Ease
  • Remain Helpfully Relaxed and Optimistic Before and After Surgery
  • Trust your Mind to Make the Right Choices
  • Helps your Body Best Receive Anesthesia and Medications
  • Program Your Mind for Ideal Healing
  • Communicate Well with Your Family and Health Care Providers
  • Create Hypnoanesthesia in your Own Body for Comfort and Relaxation
  • See Your Happy and Healthy Future in Your Mind

More than just a relaxation tape, this program truly prepares your mind to receive the healing interventions of surgery as peacefully, comfortably, and effectively as possible. Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis hypnotically programs your mind to be relaxed, before, during and after your surgical interventions.

It has been well documented that those entering surgery with a relaxed mind and body are far more inclined to get through the procedure comfortably and to heal faster. This program instills confidence in your ability to relax and to overcome illness. It places you on course to get through everything as easily as possible, including pre-surgical preparations, the pre-op room's interventions, the surgery, post-surgical processes, medications and treatments, your hospital stay, and your recovery.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis also trains your body to helpfully release its own natural endorphins, which can serve to create tranquility in your mind as well as comfort in your body. As you learn to release endorphins in your body, it can be used in the future to help you to feel happier, healthier, and more physically comfortable. This program helps to ensure that your natural endorphin release will work well in combination with any medications and chemical anesthesia provided to you by your medical team.

No matter what kind of surgical intervention you are undergoing, Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis is designed to ensure that all the systems of your body function helpfully before, during, and after a procedure. Release needless worry and stress as your mind is prepared helpfully for a desired outcome and to heal faster. Time and time again, Pre- and Post-Surgical Hypnosis has helped its listeners immensely, to remain, calm, comfortable, and peaceful helping the body to heal in every possible way.

Running time 29 minutes. Please enjoy a sample from this program:

WARNING: Hypnosis programs are specifically created to prompt deep relaxation in your mind and body. These programs should not be listened to in an automobile or while engaged in any activity that requires your attention. To obtain the best results from your hypnosis program, download our FREE: Suggestions For Use. Instructions for downloading your MP3 hypnosis audios can be found by clicking the 'Downloads' link at the bottom of the page.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 December, 2008.
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