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Hypnosis for Fun & Easy Weight Loss
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Your Happy Head: Hypnosis for Migraine Relief
Your Happy Head: Hypnosis for Migraine Relief
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  • Redirect your Mind for a Comfortable Head
  • Become More Relaxed and Confident
  • Take Charge of Your Reactions to Triggers
  • Create Comfort in Your Head, Eyes, Neck, Shoulders & Stomach
  • Tap into Your Ability to Self-Heal
  • Release Endorphins in your Body for Added Comfort
  • Adopt Behaviors that Create Comfort, Healing & Success
  • Learn to Trust and Believe in Your Own Ability to Heal

Your Happy Head: Hypnosis for Migraine Relief is deeply relaxing and it places you in a self-healing mode. Just as importantly, it helps you overcome negative messages you have heard from others regarding migraines so that you can release the condition and reclaim control over your life and comfort. Learn how to comfortably control your reactions to all stressors in life so that your body responds to all situations ideally. Through the self-discovery phases provided in this program, you will learn to be aware of any migraine triggers and develop strategies to avoid them. Simultaneously, your mind and head will retrain themselves to respond more safely and comfortably in any unmanaged situations.

This program helps you to learn helpful lessons from problematic events from the past so that you are free to enjoy your life and so you head and heart can be as comfortable as possible. You can even file away and/or release any limiting words you've heard pertaining to migraines, so that you come to know that your healing is indeed possible. Your Happy Head reminds you that no matter how many sources of negative messages are in your life, you can choose to gravitate toward messages and awareness that are beneficial, and safeguarding of your head and all the systems of your body.

No matter what your genetics, and no matter how long you have endured migraines, this program helps you to tap your inner strength and the power inherent in your mind to free yourself of unnecessary discomfort and fully enjoy your life. Your Happy Head also works to balance all the systems of your body for optimum functioning.

Many migraineurs, like Julie Griffin, who wrote and presents this program, have suffered vastly from daily complicated migraines, yet risen from the dark stormy cloud of discomfort and proudly walked in the light—sunglasses free. Let Julie's years of research help you to reclaim Your Happy Head and to enjoy many more migraine free days or to release the migraine condition completely.

Running time 30 minutes. Please enjoy a sample from this program:

WARNING: Hypnosis programs are specifically created to prompt deep relaxation in your mind and body. These programs should not be listened to in an automobile or while engaged in any activity that requires your attention. To obtain the best results from your hypnosis program, download our FREE: Suggestions For Use. Instructions for downloading your MP3 hypnosis audios can be found by clicking the 'Downloads' link at the bottom of the page.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 20 December, 2008.
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