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Words That Heal: Practice Building Package
Words That Heal: Practice Building Package
01.A Cleansing Rain Shower: Wash Away Excess Weight
02.Hypnosis for Fun & Easy Weight Loss
03.Exercise Motivation & Peak Performance
04.A Slender, Happy & Healthy You
A Cleansing Rain Shower: Wash Away Excess Weight
A Cleansing Rain Shower: Wash Away Excess Weight
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  • Lose Excess Weight†
  • Enjoy Life More
  • Be Happier and Healthier
  • Get Lasting Results
  • Treat Yourself With Loving Kindness

A Cleansing Rain Shower paints an energetic rainbow in your subconscious, reminding you that happiness and weight loss can walk hand in hand. If you have experienced weight gain and sadness, this soothing, relaxing, revitalizing program, will lift your spirits while aiding you in dropping unwanted pounds and negative thoughts. This program is full of soothing, natural images, sounds, and healing, empowering words. It provides deep, profound relaxation and comfort and offers hope and bright images of your future success. This series fosters self-esteem, confidence, and determination to succeed. It reconnects you to your life and body; and, prompts a healthy desire for exercise.†

If you are the type of person who puts everyone else's needs in front of your own, this program encourages you to take the time needed to lovingly care for yourself. It offers scores of helpful suggestions that prompt healthy, appropriate eating that help you to more easily create your ideal body weight. A Cleansing Rain Shower is healing and pleasing to the senses. Itís lovely sounds and images enable you to wash away stress and to begin the process of freeing yourself of emotional and physical issues so you can achieve and remain at your ideal body weight.†

Beautiful, inspiring, healing, and freeing images fill this program that will prompt the ideal mindset for creating the life and body you desire and deserve. This enchanting session will leave your body, mind, and spirit feeling cleaner, more optimistic, and happier.†A Cleansing Rain Shower helps to wash away despair and outdated emotions and clears a path that enables you to gain more enjoyment from your life and to create the body and level of happiness you desire and deserve.†

Running time 24 minutes. Please enjoy a sample from this program:

WARNING: Hypnosis programs are specifically created to prompt deep relaxation in your mind and body. These programs should not be listened to in an automobile or while engaged in any activity that requires your attention. To obtain the best results from your hypnosis program, download our FREE: Suggestions For Use. Instructions for downloading your MP3 hypnosis audios can be found by clicking the 'Downloads' link at the bottom of the page.

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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 22 December, 2008.
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